EVT SmartSens Saturn 3D Profile Inspector

The Smart 3D Profile Inspector allows the Single-Button-Training of any profiles. Therefore the profile can be repeatably inspected for flawlessness in the production. Most tasks can be therefore realized in the field of profile production and inspection. Different Communication Protocols available The system has a GigE PoE interface, which is connected to the DIN-rail module. […]

CHG – New Cross Hairs Generator

With the new EVT Cross Hairs Generator (CHG) EVT offers an independent system for displaying cross lines. A monitor can be connected to the CHG as stand-alone device. Or the image data can be transferred via Ethernet to a display on an engine control. Another option is a pure software solution for the integration into […]

E-Mail message in case of Overheating

The MTI (Multi Thermal Inspector) has a new feature. In case of overheating or any other defined event an e-mail is sent to the user. A continued protocol of the measurement values depending on the threshold is also possible. The system can forward the values also directly via e-mail. The new feature guarantees, that temperature […]