Make invisible scratches visible and detect with EyeVision

EyeVision detects scratches or other damages on surfaces with an easy-to-use and graphically configurable Deep Learning Homogeneity Inspector. But not all scratches are always immediately visible for the camera. Making Scratches visible with Polarizing Filter Plastics or metals have polarizing characteristics. This characteristic can also be useful for the user and with a polarizing filter […]

IR-based fever detection for virus infections

The current situation requires more and more innovative measures. To prepare public spaces and buildings for the convergence of people now and in the future, EVT offers thermal imaging cameras and corresponding EyeVision software to detect fever in people in time. People Thermal Tracker (PTT) With the People Thermal Tracker, it is possible to recognize […]

MIPI Embedded Vision Systems with Deep Learning

EVT offers a broad spectrum of ARM boards with MIPI sensors for compact, powerful Embedded Vision Systems. Custom-made for each customer. In addition EyeVision offers Deep Learning algorithms for these Embedded Vision platforms. Therefore solutions such as precise surface inspection and number plate recognition are possible. The MIPI sensors are directly from the EVT hardware […]