MIPI Embedded Vision Systems with Deep Learning

EVT offers a broad spectrum of ARM boards with MIPI sensors for compact, powerful Embedded Vision Systems. Custom-made for each customer. In addition EyeVision offers Deep Learning algorithms for these Embedded Vision platforms. Therefore solutions such as precise surface inspection and number plate recognition are possible. The MIPI sensors are directly from the EVT hardware […]

EyeVision 3D software supports ZIVID One+

The EyeVision 3D software supports the new ZIVID One+. The 3D color camera generates point clouds with shape-by-shade 3D technology. With the EyeVision 3D software point clouds can be evaluated. Therefore Pick & Place applications with a robot, 3D inspections in production and research can be easily solved. This requires point clouds in high quality […]

Smart 3D Integration Platform (S3i)

EVT offers for the fast integration into OEM machines the Smart 3D Integration Platform S3i. The 3D platform with the included laser, is suitable for laser triangulation applications. The evaluation is carried out completely autonomously on the included computing unit of the sensor. Therefore no PC is necessary. In the system a DualSpeed CPU board […]