MIPI EyeVision

EyeVision with 4 MIPI cameras and I/O for vision solutions

EyeVision runs now with 4 MIPI cameras, for either solving four different applications or capture one big image out of four camera images.

Thanks to the Multi-Camera support of the EyeVision Software, more than one camera can be used at the same time. This is ideal for the new Rasperry Pi with four MIPI camera connections. In addition, the software now has the “Registration” AddOn, which can be used to stitch together one big image out of the four camera images – complete with world coordinates.

Also, the Multi-Instance AddOn can be used to carry out four different EyeVision instances with each of the cameras solving another application.

Besides the camera with the 13 MPixel Sony IMX135 sensor, also some other cameras are supported, ranging from VGA to 18 MPixel resolution.

The MIPI Embedded-Vision kit is now in July available for a special entrance price from 800,- EUR. The kit is read-to-use and includes not only the hardware but also the driver and of course the EyeVision software. Only connect and you are ready to start.

The EyeVision software offers with the Embedded-Vision system the graphical user interface with drag-and-drop function for programming. The inspection programs are easy to create, completely without programming skills.

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