ChipControl for the semiconductor industry

With the command set ChipControl, EVT offers a compact, easy-to-handle tool for the inspection of semiconductors.

The user can choose between:

the best solution for their application. The programming is carried out as already known, with drag-and-drop programming.

Robotic machine vision system in phone factory

The ChipControl command set

With the EyeVision software different characteristics of a semiconductor can be inspected, such as e.g.:

Mit der EyeVision Software können verschiedenste Merkmale an Halbleitern kontrolliert werden, wie z.B

  • Pin-1-Inspection
  • Pin-distance
  • Pin-number
  • Chip-inprint
  • horizontal offset
  • vertical offset
  • etc.

The programming of the inspection process of semiconductors can be done with only a few mouse clicks with a prefabricated command set and offers a fast and comfortable possibility to create an impage processing program.

Combinable with EyeVision

In addition to the ChipControl command set there is of course the complete command set of the EyeVision software available for the user and therefore the inspection program is ready to use for the semiconductor industry in just a few steps.

No matter if the inspection process is PC based, runs on a smart camera or vision sensor, there is only one software and one user interface to solve the project.

For the data transfer there are several protocols available for the user, such as e.g.: TCP/ IP, UDP, Ethernet IP, Profibus, etc.