Endless material & print

EyeVision can also be applied to the inspection of endless material.

Generally it concerns 1D image processing. It analysis a digital signal per line per throughput instead of analysing the whole image at once.

Printing at high speed on offset machine. Label, Rolled Up, Printing Out, Group of Objects, Merchandise

What is endless material and sheet goods?

With this technique the machine vision system detects and classifies defects on endless material, such as e.g.:

  • paper
  • metal
  • plastic
  • other nonwoven fabric or reels

Line scan cameras for 1D image processing

The inspected goods are in the industry often transported on as web through the production. Often there are line scan cameras mounted under or above those webs. Thus the line scan camera captures the image line after line of a moving object. Those lines are then added up into an “endless” image.

This is all happening in high speed.

The EyeVision software supports different line scan cameras:

  • EyeCheck ZLS (already including the EyeVision software)
  • AIC Merkur
  • Dalsa
  • Basler, etc.