Food industry

cake hot mold baking machine. food mass production machinery in food factory

The EyeVision software offers image processing solutions for the food industry, from the harvest until the supermarket counter.

Advantages for the food industry

Because supermarkets demand ever lower prices and at the same time demand more and more flawless products and claim incorrectly labeled products or low quality products, is a reason for the advantages of image processing in the food industry. To name some of the advantages:

  • cost reduction with automated harvest
  • improving the quality of mass production with automated sorting
  • reducing the waste and offcuts with controlled cutting and portioning
  • assuring the brand quality with label inspection
  • reducing the labor costs with camera-assisted packaging

Solution for your applications

Below we will introduce you to some applications where EyeVision can successfull applied:

Quality control of food

The consumer also eats with their eyes, therefore is the appearance of the food also important. EyeVision can for example:

  • inspect the number and even distrbution of topping or icing on e.g. pizza, cakes, muffins, etc.
  • inspect the correct browning of bread and buns,
  • breackage of cookies, etc.
  • rejection of damaged vegetables, fruits, etc.

Sorting of mass products

For products such as rice, lentils, potatos, etc. EyeVision offers a solution to evaluate the quality and sort out foreign material in high speed.

Additionally, EyeVision sort according size, color and shape. It is very important for mass production that with speed and accuracy the price level can be retained.

3D inspection of food

Due to a number functions the EyeVision 3D is suitable for applications such as e.g.

  • portioning and dividing of cheese, ham, bacon, etc.
  • determination of the size of bread and buns or other bakery products

Therefore the inspection with EyeVisin 3D can reduce the offcut and guarantee an even size of the products.

But also for the production of casting molds for cakes, chocolate figures or candies, EyeVision 3D can inspect their quality.

Label and packaging

EyeVision also can inspect the labeling and packaging in every detail, such as e.g.:

  • expiration date (presence and quality)
  • intactness of label and print
  • reading bar codes, DMC and QR code
  • inspecting sealed seams, caps, lock rings, etc.