Image Processing in the Automotive Industry

3d rendering robot assembly line in car factory

Image processing for the automotive industry

The industrial image processing is indispensible for the automotive industry and its components suppliers industry, because it performs more and more tasks for inspection, control and surveillance.

The industry is primarilly characterized by the following criteria:

  • highly automated mass production
  • severe quality control
  • high degree of cost awareness

Additionally the EyeVision software can perform many tasks in high speed:

  • increase in production and optimizing of production, quality control and logistics
  • inspection of component part, detection and sorting of defect products
  • completeness control

EyeVision Software for the automotive industry

The EyeVision software fullfills the quality standards as well as being cost-effective to keep the production costs low.

The EVT products are meeting certain important expectations such as e.g.:

  • long term availability of machine vision products
  • highly qualified support
  • Know-how of 2D and 3D image processing

Applications with the EyeVision 3D Software

3D Inspection for the Automotive Industry

Many applications can be solved with the EyeVision 3D software, such as for example surface inspection, but also many other applications such as, e.g.:

Therefore EyeVision 3D helps to increase the degree in automation of the production.

2D Inspection for the Automotive Industry

Additionally the EyeVision Software can always offer all the application solutions in 2D: