Packaging industry

Automatic high speed packing machine for food

The machine vision inspection in the packaging industry is essential for two reasons:

  • consumer pay close attention to the quality of product such as in food and beverage or pharmaceutical industry. A sufficient packaging control increases the consumer’s trust.
  • machine construction engineers punt more and more on image processing solutions for the automated inspection, because image processing technology offers advantages for productivity and efficiency.

EyeVision software for the packaging industry

Together withh the hardware supported by EyeVision software, several inspection can be carried out:

  • inspection of plastic sheet and sealing seams
  • correct position of printed cover and labels
  • inspection of the expiration date
  • bar code and print image inspection

The EyeVision software can for example detect errors such as:

  • untight or leaky packaging
  • uneveness such as e.g.:
    • overlapping material
    • deformation
    • air entrapment
  • off-center or not correctly printed labels
  • wrong or not scannable EAN or QR code, etc.

Hardware with EyeVision software