Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry was one of the first industires, where image processing was used. Specially to guarantee the security and intactness of the products.

Therefore EyeVision software checks the following areas:

  • blister cards
  • charge code, color ring, DMC and bar code
  • dates, such as the expiration date

Blister inspection in the pharma industry

EyeVision inspects blister cards for the following characteristica:

  • completeness
    • Are all the blister in the blister card filled with pills, or are there some missing and are the pills intact?
    • 3D sensors as well as 2D cameras can with EyeVision inspect the completeness of the images.
  • color
    • Are all the pills in the blister the same kind or is there a foreign matter in one of the blister cards?
    • For that the EyeVision software has color commands, which even can differentiate between the slightest difference in hue.

Filling plants are therefore often equipped with image processing system, such as the EyeVision systems. Also because the tolerances range is extremely small and cannot be determind with a scale.

Code reading function of the EyeVision Software

EyeVision has different reading commands for:

  • DMC
  • bar code
  • QR

For the pharmaceutical industry this means, that the security and traceability of the pharmaceuticals is guaranteed. Additionally there are the afore mentioned color detection commands.

Therefore the user can read the following codes with EyeVision:

  • pharma code
  • charge number
  • color ring code
  • DMC and bar code
  • expiration date