Plastic and rubber Industry

With the plastics industry many application areas have opened up for the powerful commands of the EyeVision software. For Example for plastics packaging and other products in branches such as

  • medical engineering
  • pharmacy
  • cosmetics, etc.

Applications for the plastics industry with EyeVision

  • detection of surface defects on plastic sheets and plastic films
  • control of dimensional accuracy of precision parts
  • inspection of printed impression of plastic bottles
  • inspection of plastic-metal compound parts
  • inspection of plastic nozzles

Solution for rubber and o-ring inspection

With the EyeVision software it is possible to…

  • measure e.g. o-rings, profile gaskets and molded rubber parts
  • measure inside and outside diameter of rubber rings as well as
  • thickness of o-rings and oder rubber rings

Challenges: no problem for EyeVision

The application areas of the EyeVision systems in the plastics industry are complex and manyfold, because peculiarities such as high requirements for accuracy and the mostly complicated shaped part in due consideration of parting plains and gating points and the often challenging part geometry, are no problem for the EyeVision software.