3D Optical Character Recognition on Car Tires

With the OCR tool of the EyeVision software not only 2D characters, but also 3D characters can be read. For this the scan data from the 3D height maps and the 2D intensity data are used. The software then recognizes and extracts the character strings from the surface, such as for example the relief-like characters on a car tire.

The 3D OCR recognition is an important tool for many inspection applications. Flat as well as embossed symbols are therefore decoded. Besides for rubber and tires (DOT-Codes) it also plays an important role for applications in the automotive industry (stamping parts) and for batteries and packaging (mark and track).

With the OCR-tools an abundance of industrial applications can be solved. The customer can therefore decode 3D marks very uncomplicated. Especially when it comes to embossed or protruding characters, which do not differ from the background in terms of color, or rather as the characters on a car tire which are black on black, the 3D OCR recognition clearly has an advantage compared to 2D image capture.

Additionally, the user has the complete bandwidth of the EyeVision commands available, and therefore many other applications are possible, such as the inspection of stamping parts or the component parts identification.

The OCR command can be added to each EyeVision 3D software package. Thanks to the drag-and-drop function of the graphical user interface the user can create inspection programs without programming skills.

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