Become a certified Eye Vision Technology professional in image processing

Use the numerous advantages of the EVT certification program and become a certified professional in image processing!

What to expect:

  • Obtaining an official certificate
  • 10% discount on every order at EVT
  • Prioritized support via an exclusive acceptance point
  • Entry on our highly frequented homepage
You can easily become part of the certification program by participating in at least 10 of our webinars, you can choose the topic freely. As a basis, the webinar “Basics of the EyeVision software” on September 30th, 2021 and the “Code reading in 2D & 3D” webinar on March 26th and November 26th, 2021 should be attended. In addition, participation in one webinar each on the subject areas 1D & 2D and 3D is required, you can choose from the following webinars:

Subject area: 1D&2D Subject area:  3D

Basics of 1D & 2D image processing


25.02.2021 & 28.10.2021

Point cloud & measurement technology in 3D



Gray image processing & measurement technology



Object recognition, matching and bin picking



Color evaluation


26.02.2021 & 29.10.2021



You will receive the benefits of certification after a final multiple-choice test, independent of date and location.

Register for the upcoming webinars and become a certified Eye Vision Technology professional in image processing.


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