CHG – New Cross Hairs Generator

With the new EVT Cross Hairs Generator (CHG) EVT offers an independent system for displaying cross lines. A monitor can be connected to the CHG as stand-alone device. Or the image data can be transferred via Ethernet to a display on an engine control.

Another option is a pure software solution for the integration into your own GUI (graphical user interface) application. Different programming interfaces for the OS Windows and Linux are available for that.

Ready-to-use System with Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The ready-to-use system has a pre-configured GUI surface, which can be adjusted to your own requirements. The user has all possibilities: from logo to integration into a system control.

The compact CHG offers digital I/Os (in 24V technology). In addition the Cross Hairs Generator has different intefaces to communicate with the engine. The image can be transferred to a display via Ethernet. Or the image can be transferred to mobile devices (iPad, smart phone) via an integrated webserver.

Different Display types

On a surface the different display types, varying from a simple cross lines to a cross line with strokes and circles, can be configured. Those characteristics can be switched either directly on the device or remote. Therefore an ideal display of the application at hand can be carried out.

Integrated Camera Control

The library is available for Windows and Linux. Therefore a cross hairs with suitable camera control can be integrated in each application. The camera control is integrated into the CHG. There are many cameras from different makers available. For all use cases a suitable camera and lens are available: for connection to a measurement microscope with C- or CS-mount as well as exchange for a profile projector.

With that also already existing devices such as existing profile projectors, can be rebuild into a modern display-supported system. And there are also powerful options for the recording of the results available. All images can be saved directly on the CHG or transferred to a master computer, which saves and documents the images.

Cross Hairs individually adjustable

The color of the cross lines is also individually adjustable. Also the storage of the images and values can be adjusted. For example the measurement point positions can be taken from an interface or can be saved with the images as measurement value.

To reach the best possible display the camera resolution from 1 to 20 MPixel is available. Therefore even the smallest details can be displayed.

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