Counting people at the entrance – EyeVision supports shops during Corona times

Due to the Corona policy these days only a limited number of people are allowed to be in a shop at the same time. To help implementing this rule, a feature of the People Thermal Tracker (PTT) – the face recognition – can be used. The face recognition to count people can be purchased with the People Thermal Tracker, or as a stand-alone tool.

With the People Thermal Tracker (PTT) it is possible to identify the faces at the entrance and measure the temperature in the facial area. At the same time, it si possible to count the number of faces and therefore count the number of people, who enter the shop. There can also be a camera at the exit, so the number of people, who exit the shop can also be counted.

Thanks to the face recognition tool, the shop can obtain an overview of how many people are in the shop at the same time.

The integrated I/O system can issue a signal or an alarm, in case too many people have entered the shop. This can happen with a simple signal or via the monitor, where the people, who are currently in the shop are displayed. The signal can be shown with colors on the monitor, for example when the number of people in the shop reaches its maximum, the figures on the monitor are shown in red.

At the same time the visitors of the shop are informed if they can enter or if they have to wait until another person leaves the shop.

Therefore, the number of people in the shop never passes the maximum and the regulation at the entrance works fully automated – without additional personnel.

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