E-Mail message in case of Overheating

The MTI (Multi Thermal Inspector) has a new feature. In case of overheating or any other defined event an e-mail is sent to the user. A continued protocol of the measurement values depending on the threshold is also possible. The system can forward the values also directly via e-mail. The new feature guarantees, that temperature is well monitored and a message is send to the user in case the threshold is exceeded.

Many Interfaces and Protocols

The EVT MTI can be easily integrated in existing plants. For communication 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs in 24 V technology are available as well as the communication via a field bus directly to the PLC with, for example e.g. Profinet, TwinCat, Modbus, etc. Therefore even the integration of complex temperature related inspection characteristics can be easily implemented. With the SCADA interface a direct feedback from the company master computer is possible.

Position Tracing for correct Measurement Points

The easy adaption of the measurement fields, different component parts and shapes in combination with the automatic position tracing guarantees that all inspections are always carried out on the correct position. Thanks to the automatic position tracing the measurement fields are always in the correct position and the temperature is measured on the defined measurement point. The position tracing prevents that the temperature is taken from the wrong measurement point and therefore for example an overheating of the component part does not remain unnoticed.

Alarm as E-Mail Message

The user defines individual measurement positions in geometric shapes and defines their thresholds and when an alarm should be issued. Additionally the user can define how the alarm should be transferred: as I/O signal, as field bus message or as e-mail to the user. The number of measurement points is unlimited in the software. Therefore several thousand measurement fields are available. As soon as all measurement fields are defined, the system can run the inspection mode and start the surveillance.

Multi-Camera Support

The system supports up to 12 cameras which can all be connected via Ethernet. Therefore several measurement positions on different locations can be monitored and the cameras can be mounted a great distance from the Multi Thermal Inspector unit.

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