EmSens Master Reader – Highspeed Code Reading with Autofocus

The EmSens Master Reader by EVT combines high-speed reading functions with a high-speed autozoom. The system is optionally available with color or gray scale camera. It can read and verify codes in various distances. It is possible to read up to 700 codes per second with a resolution of 0,5 MPixel, but also with 12 MPixel a frame rate of 30 fps can be reached. The EmSens MR is available with the suitable lens and lighting.

The Master Reader is equipped with the high-speed zoom lens by Optotune. In addition, the reader has all necessary interfaces to easily solve even complex reading and verification applications. For the integration into a machine are standard PLC I/O with 8 in- and 8 outputs available and also the options Profinet and Modbus. And it is very easy to integrate the system into a SCADA environment.

The powerful EyeVision software has all commands to configure the different code reading tasks (OCR, OCV, QR, DMC, bar code) with only a few mouse clicks. When using a color camera also colored codes can be read such as codes from the pharmaceutical industry, color ring code, or pharma code or all or codes which are based on color.

The EyeVision software, can be extended with further commands for the solution of measurement and inspection applications, without configuring a new software or using a new hardware.

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