EmSys UVP – Universal Vision Processor

The EmSys UVP is not only a Light Controller, but also a univeral vision processor. It guarantees, that for a trigger input the ideal illumination and image capture is carried out.

EmSys is the fast way to create a precise, repeatable image processing solution. The powerful EyeVision software in combination with the EmSys UVP LED controller and the digital 24V-capable in- and outputs can create a dependable image processing plant with only one power supply system.

EmSys UVP is a compact Vision Controller with integrated digital I/O and illumination control for precise image capture. Combined with the EyeLight lighting components an extremely cost-effective system can be realized. This can be programmed with the integrated drag-and-drop function.

The EyeVision is a powerful software for 1D, 2D, 3D and thermal image processing. The intuitive self-explanatory handling and the drag-and-drop function require no programming skills and the user gets along very fast. The commands are modularly extendable for different applications such as measurement technology, pattern matching, code reading, thermal imaging or 3D inspection.

The illumination can be controlled with the EmSys UVP with the software via easy-to-handle command icons.

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