EVT at the Korea Railway & Logistic Fair 2019 Busan

EyeVision 3D was presented in Korea at the Railway & Logistic Fair in Busan. In combination with the 3D cameras by Photonfocus the trade fair showed the EyeVision 3D application for the railway and logistic industry.

Lasertraingulation for the inspection of the tire geometry

Lasertriangulation based on Photonfocus cameras can inspect tire profiles for correctness. Besides the measurement of unbalance and profile the measurement of the tire geometry is carried out with a lasertriangulation sensor and the EyeVision 3D image processing software.

A dent in the side wall of a tire can hint to a fault in the fabric. It has to be detected with a 100%-inspection and the faulty tire has to be ejected in the final inspection. Also too high values for axial runout and radial runout of the tire or the readily fixed wheel reduce the quality of the tire.

EVT offers the 3D software for the capture and evaluation of the point cloud with different commands. Those can be adjusted by means of the graphical user interface and are therefore easy to handle. Usability is very important and thats why the software is intuitively self-explanatory.

The EyeVision 3D software supports besides Photonfocus cameras also compact sensors by Automation Technology, Wenglor MEL, LMI, Vision Components and AIC.

EyeVision Time-of-Flight Sensor support

For the logistic industy EyeVision offers also a lot of possibilities. For example the EyeVision 3D software can be used in logistics for depalletizing or for the fill level control of shelves and palettes. For that the software supports Time-of-Flight sensors by Basler and BlueTechnix. Also in traffic and transportation industry is this combination used for traffic counting and recognition.

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