EVT Cork Inspector – for bottle cork inspection

With the Cork Inspector we have a new member in our emSens Beverage Inspection series. It can inspect corks from e.g. wine bottles, if they are in the correct position, or stick out too much (convex) or are seated too deep in the bottle neck (concave).

Pre-configuration or Machine Learning

The Cork Inspector has already pre-configured bottle types and can also be adjusted to new types. The adjustment can either be carried out by configuring existing bottle types or the parameters are set completely new. All bottle types are directly available on the master computer system, so that a fast inspection program switch can be carried out, in case the product line changes.

It is also possible that with the additionally available ML Machine Learning module, to automatically adapt the plant to new, already known bottle types. This saves a large amount of time as the parameter settings for the bottle types do not have to be configured manually.

Many Interfaces and Communication Protocols also for Tracker Boards

The system is compact. The available inferfaces allow the user to connect several high-speed and high-resolution cameras. Additionally the Cork Inspector has an integrated illumination control for several channels for LED illuminations.

In addition the communication with a tracker system as well as with a PLC or SCADA system can be carried out via different hardware interfaces such as RS232, RS485, GigE Ethernet or USB connections.

With the flexibly configurable tracker protocol different tracker boards and systems can be integrated into the software and the inspection process, no matter which interface. The process integration and communication can be carried out via the standard software interfaces, for example OPC UA, Profinet, Modbus or also standard Ethernet UDP nd TCP/IP.

The Cork Inspector can be also integrated into complex bottling plants. Therefore firstly the results with the evaluation images can be displayed at the control station. And secondly there the parameter for the software configuration can be influenced directly. The integration in the master computer system is possible with C/C++ and also with C#.

Stand-alone or Headless System

The system is either available as stand-alone system with user interface, or as headless system. The stand-alone system can be configured locally, whereas the headless system is programmed remote from a master computer. Therefore it is also suitable for retrofitting into existing plants.

Besides the standard emSens Beverage for fast bottling plants, there is also the compact version for up to 5 container (bottles) per second in the shape of an EyeSens Beverage Cork Inspector, based on a smart camera. The programming of this smart camera is carried out completely remote from a PC or laptop and can carry out the inspection autarkical. For these systems either an RS232 or RS485 interface is available for the tracker board.

Combination with other Beverage Inspection Products

The Cork Inspector is part of a series of the following systems: CrownCork, Cap Inspection, Thread Inspection, Label Alignment and Position, Scratch Detection, Empty Container, Brocken Head Inspection, Fill Level Inspection, Contamination Inspection And therefore the Cork Inspector can be combined with any of these systems, which makes for easy inspection solutions for the bottling industry.

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