EVT SmartSens Saturn 3D Profile Inspector

The Smart 3D Profile Inspector allows the Single-Button-Training of any profiles. Therefore the profile can be repeatably inspected for flawlessness in the production. Most tasks can be therefore realized in the field of profile production and inspection.

Different Communication Protocols available

The system has a GigE PoE interface, which is connected to the DIN-rail module. There you have also 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs in 24 V technology to emit a signal in case of an error or to communicate with a PLC. Alternatively you can communicate with a PLC via the Ethernet interface. There are also TCP/IP, UDP as well as Profinet and Modbus communication available, which makes the integration very easy.

Saturn 3D Triangulationsensor

The Saturn 3D laser triangulation sensor with Linux OS and PoE (Power over Ethernet) can process high data rates supported by the integrated FPGA. The extremely compact and innovative 3D sensor has an encoder interface and with profile rates of up to 6 kHz allows for a high-precision 3D profiling. The Saturn 3D is available with different laser option such as red and blue lasers, depending on customer wishes.

Set up with “Single-Button-Training” function

To simplify the integration and to visualize the latest inspection live, the DIN-rail module has a HDMI and USB interface. With monitor, mouse and keyboard the system can be adjusted intuitively. There is the Single-Button-Training function available for the user to also integrate further inspections. When inspecting the profile, it is compared with the taught-in profile.

In addition other measurements can be carried out to e.g. secure the functional dimensions. For example when inspecting a windscreen wiper, you can inspect the shape and in addition the angle and the width of the wiper lips can be measured also. The number of inspection is not limited. Therefore the user is free to carry out any measurements.

The adaption of the measurement and inspection applications is carried out completely graphically, or in the Single-Button-Mode with a golden part.

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