EyeBeverage Neck Inspector System

The EyeBeverage Neck Inspector inspects the bottle neck and thread for chipping and spalling on the glass body. If there is a damage to the bottle, it will be discharged.

Inspection of bottle neck-ring and mouth thread

The cycle time of a glass bottles is defined through different characteristics. First the bottles are automatically inspected. The criteria for the sorting are:

  • damage on the mouth piece, neck-ring and thread
  • not cleanable contamination (e.g. foreign material)
  • the degree of scratching (scuffing; scratches, scrub marks, other surface damage)

The Neck Inspector inspects bottles for damaged neck-rings or mouth thread. Bottles are getting old, embrittled and subject to possible chipping on the neck-ring, threadbare or damaged mouth thread.

On some bottles the neck-ring is completely, or almost completely missing. A thread must never be chipped or threadbare, because then it would not close completely. Also, the so called “Vent Slots” must not be damaged or contaminated. Vent Slots are vertical interruptions in the thread, through which the excess pressure can be deflated in a controlled manner.

Integration in the tracker system

The system is available as compact unit, with all components for a fast integration into a machine. It can be integrated into an existing tracker system. The interface adaption is very easy and already adjusted to the different machines.

If there is still no tracker board integrated, an EyeTracker board can be used. It was especially developed to monitor the delay between the inspection signal and the discharger and to guarantee that in the channel of the good parts are only inspected products. The system can either be connected to an encoder or a facility trigger and issue either an inspection trigger ro the discharger trigger.

The delay between inspection position and the dischrage is set on the user interface.

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