EyeMulti-Inspect – detecting defects with Machine Learning

Finding scratches on surfaces, cracks and defects on gaskets with Deep Learning.

For inspection of e.g. geometries and surfaces in a testing facility or inline in a production process.

What is included in the EyeMulti-Inspect

Each sensor contains:

  • a camera according to the application, VGA to 5 MPixel
  • a special illumination setup
  • an embedded PC for image analysis
  • a control electronic, which:
    • controls the illumination (lighting control)
    • releases the camera trigger
    • takes care of tracking the component part

Advantages of the EyeMulti-Inspect

  • all devices are coordinated
  • fast installation of an autonomous inspection system
  • also for rough and dirty environments
  • optionally suitable illumination
  • adjustible for height, manually or automatically
  • different camera resolutions, up to 7 MPixel
  • easy handling with the EyeVision software

EyeMulti-Inspect Measurement sensor

For inspection of geometric values such as e.g. length, diameter, angle, etc. The Sensor contains:

  • a telecentric lens
  • with a LED-backlight
  • different cameras from VGA to 5 MPixel resolution

The achieved measurement resolution is depending on the setup between 0.005 mm and 0.02 mm.

Measument on O-rings

EyeMulti-Inspect Surface Sensor

For the inspection of any kind of surface damage.

With multi-level illumination for ideal contrast, consisting of:

  • Dome light
  • Side light
  • Darkfield illumination or if applicable back light

The EyeMulti-Inspect sensor with the Machine Learning algorithm and the intelligent illumination control is optimally suitable for detecting defects in surfaces easily and robust. With the flexible lighting control and the intelligent Surface Inspection algorithm, damages can be detected on different surfaces.

surface inspection of a membrane


surface inspection of O-rings

EyeMulti-Inspect Side View Sensor

The Side View Sensor inspects component parts from the side. With up to six or eight camera sensors a part is captured from the side.

With a three-level illumination with dark field illumination, all sides are evenly illuminated for ideal contrast.

EyeMulti-Inspect Side View Sensor

EyeMulti-Inspect 3D Sensor

The 3D sensor is necessary when the contrast is not enough or when the real hight value for the part inspection is necessary:

  • up to 1000 profiles/sec. at a height resolution of 0.005 mm
  • profiles are pieced together to a matrix image and gray values represent the height values
  • EyeVision measurement modules
image analysis with gray value modules
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