EyeSens 1x1x Series – sharper and faster Code Reading (QR, DMC, bar code, OCR/OCV)

With the new EyeSens series codes are always sharp when read. The new motorized lens guarantees, that the codes are always captured sharply and therefore can be read always perfectly.

The new EyeSens systems focus automatically and read the codes (QR, DMC, bar code, OCR/OCV) with high-speed. With the integrated Profinet interface, the EyeSens Vision Sensors can be integrated optimally into a PLC. Therefore even complex reading applications can be indexed directly from the PLC and the reading results are directly returned to the PLC.

The EyeSens 1x1x series is available with different LED illuminations. Therefore almost any field of view can be captured. Thanks to the motorized lens, it is not necessary any more to set the focus manually. Focusing can be carried out entirely by the software or the focus can be set with a slider. Therefore the camera can be mounted to place which are not so easily accessible.

Besides Code Reading, the EyeSens 1x1x can also be used for applications such as color recognition, object detection or measurement technology.

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