EyeVision 3D native Support for Intel RealSense on PC x86 and ARM

With the Intel RealSense many industrial 3D and Robot Vision applications can be solved. Therefore the EyeVision 3D software supports the Intel RealSense sensor for the easy solution of 3D image processing applications such as e.g. Robot Vision or Bin-Picking. Thanks to the native support of the RealSense sensor also less powerful CPUs can be used for complex 3D applications.

Drag-and-drop for Intel RealSense programming

The EyeVision 3D software allows to solve image processing 3D applications even without previous knowledge on the subject, thanks to the drag-and-drop programming. For that several ready-made projects are available to use as a guideline for own projects or also to adapt existing projects for your needs.

The EyeVision software can be downloaded in the Downloads area of the Homepage as a trial version to allow the user to experiment and gain experience in the field of 3D, but also 2D image processing.

Starter Kit for the EyeVision Software

With the trial version of the EyeVision software you can test the complete command set of the software with either industrial image processing cameras or only with a webcam. You can create inspection programs, to see if you can solve your applications with the software tools at hand. After 90 minutes you can save your inspection program and start new – therefore you have affluent time to test your application with the EyeVision software.

You can test 1D, 2D, 3D and thermal imaging applications with a professional image processing tool. You have the possibility to test the complete command set for the solution of your application. With the Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms you also have an intelligent tool to solve complex tasks.

For an optional image processing solution the camera is as important as is the fitting lens and illumination for a stable measurement and inspection result.

We also recommend to attend one of our monthly free-of-charge Software Training in Germany. We also have project examples for diverse applications with user GUI and als example images, which makes the start with the software very easy as it gives a fast reference for the solution of applications.

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