EyeVision 3D supports Keyence Sensor for stable 2D & 3D Inspection

The EyeVision 3D software supports now the Keyence laser triangulation sensors for stable 2D and 3D inspections. Therefore, the capture and evaluation of 2D profiles and 3D point clouds are possibel with EyeVision 3D. The user also has the complete EyeVision command set available. Beside the 3D commands for 3D Matching- and Measurement-Applications on a point cloud, all 2D commands for example for code reading or OCR can also be added. Therefore, the full potential of the sensor can be tapped.

The CMOS sensor provides 3200 pixel per profile and therefore 3D images with high accuracy and additionally makes 2D measurements up to the smallest details possible. Also, thanks to a new algorithm for reflection detection, the noise is minimized and therefore erroneous image captions can be prevented.

A possible application for 3D measurement is for example the detection of porosity of rough surfaces such as brake discs, as the sensor can evaluate even the smallest unevenness with EyeVision 3D. With the reliable OCR-tool and the EyeVision 3D software the DOT-Code of car tires can be read and thanks to the high accuracy the tire shape can also be inspected. Even when inspecting the pulley shape the powerful combination of software and sensor can detect chips and dents anywhere in the surface.

Also, profile measurement applications such as car door flush and gap inspection or the inspection of glue and sealing beads can be easily realized. Examples for the 2D measurement tasks are the coplanarity inspection or code reading, etc.

The EyeVision 3D software has a graphical user interface with an intuitive, self-explanatory drag-and-drop function for the programming of inspection programs even without programming skills.

The comprehensive command set leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to many years of experience the software has commands for any possible application and with the plugin-generator new commands can be easily created.

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