EyeVision 3D supports Nerian Karmin3

The EyeVision 3D software can now also in combination with the nerian Karmin3 capture, evaluate and measure stereo 3D images. All parameter of the camera can be set via the EyeVision software and images can be captured. Afterwards different evaluations of the images can be carried out with the versatile 3D commands of the software.

Karmin3 is a stereo vision camera with two more than 3 MPixel image sensors by Sony and is also suitable for challenging lighting conditions. The stereo camera acquires accurate range measurements, even in bright light conditions and over long distances.

Karmin3 is available in two different stereo baseline distances: 10 and 25 cm. The 10 cm model is ideal for close range depth measurements, whereas the 25 cm model, is intended for long range stereo vision.

A large selection of lenses is available for each version, which allows for a fine-grained control of the field-of-view. With our standard lenses, field-of-views between 25° and 62° are possible.

The EyeVision 3D has many 3D commands available for depth measurements such as volume measurements. The filter commands can improve the image to further support the accurate evaluation. Other applications with EyeVision 3D are for example Bin-Picking, Pin-Inspection, glue and seal inspection as well as weld seam inspection, etc.

The software also has a Profinet interface for the easy integration into a PLC. The graphical user interface allows the user to create inspection programs even without programming skills.

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