EyeVision and FocalSpec for the Inspection of Stamped Metal Parts

The inspection of stamped metal parts is a challenge for the most sensors. As most parts are made from copper and afterwards covered in a silver, gold or tin alloy, they have very reflective surfaces. The inspection of the outer contours is no problem, but in case of the recognition of small impressions, most sensors can capture next to nothing. The evaluation then can only be carried out partly or not at all.

Save scan of even reflective surfaces

With the FocalSpec even the smallest impressions on extremely reflective surfaces can be scanned and inspected for correctness with the EyeVision software. Especially when it comes to very small structures, the sensor is very adequate and captures a perfect point cloud, which is then evaluated with a few commands.

For this task the FocalSpec was chosen, as the sensor has high resolution and a high accuracy. In addition, the image capture of the FocalSpec is not disturbed by reflective materials as glass or metal and therefore is especially suited for reflective surfaces. Also, extreme reflective surfaces can be captured and a detailed point cloud  can be generated. With its 3D commands the EyeVision 3D software can evaluate those point clouds. With the FocalSpec the software has therefore gained a mastery of a challenging application field.

Similar challenging applications, such as the transition between glass and metal surfaces can also be captured with the FocalSpec.

Drag-and-drop Programming with EyeVision 3D

The EyeVision software has an extensive command set for 3D evaluation. Besides the 3D Blob for counting objects, the 3D Match is a command that can carry out pattern matching tasks in the point cloud. Both commands allow the creation of inspection programs with the drag-and-drop function  without programming skills.

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