EyeVision and FocalSpec Sensor for the Inspection of SMD parts

On the images taken with the FocalSpec sensor, the EyeVision software inspects the pins of SMD component parts. Despite having been checked several times during the production, there still can be some errors on the SMD parts.

It can happen, that the pins are bent from the handling or the assembly. This means that the pin has no contact with the soldering paste. But because the pin is bent up, the 2D camera does most often not suffice to detect the error.

Also the SMD components have reflective parts and therefore is the image capture with e.g. a laser triangulation sensor suboptimal. Due to the reflective surface of the metal reed on SMDs, it is difficult to determine their height. Also the tin-lead solder is reflective due to its silver shine.

With the FocalSpec a perfect image of the pin height can be captured. Therefore it can be inspected, if all pins on the PCB board have the same height, which means that they have electrical contact. As shown in the images, also the soldering paste is clearly visible in the scan and can also be inspected.

Thanks for the support of the FocalSpec sensor, the ChipControl command set of the EyeVision software has been enhanced with the right image capture element. Therefore already assembled SMD component parts can be inspected with EyeVision.

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