EyeVision supports Mitsubishis CoaXPress Contact-Image-Sensor

The Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar is based on the Contact-Image-Sensor Technology (CIS) and offers the perfect solution for the inspection of flat or nearly flat surfaces and objects.

With the specially developed trilinear color sensor endless materials in color and monochrome with a resolution of 600 dpi can be scanned.

Supports all CoaXPress GenICam Cameras

With EyeVision integration of the contact-image-sensor now an abundance of endless materials can be scanned. Also, for the field of pick-and-place applications, where the products should be scanned, is the sensor suitable. The integration of the Mitsubishi CoaXPress sensor is based on the Silicon Software CoaXPress frame grabber. Therefor the user can now use all other CoaXPress cameras, which support the GenICam protocol.

The senor is supported by the EyeVision sensor just as any other line scan camera. Therefor all functions for the line scan image evaluation of the drag-and-drop software can be applied. From the surface analysis to measurement technology as well as position determination, all evaluations can be carried out directly.

Many different Interfaces for Communication

The evaluation results can be transferred via different interfaces: from the classical RS232, RS485 interface to different Ethernet protocols such as TCP/IP and UDP and there is also the Profinet- and Modbus-integration.

EyeVision is easy to handle with the graphical user interface, where no programming skills are necessary. Thanks to the large command set all evaluations in 1D, 2D and 3D in color and monochrome are possible: from pattern matching to measurement technology to code reading to color evaluation.

EyeVision is the software for all applications.

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