EyeVision supports the new MIPI sensor with 12 MPixel and 240 fps

The EyeVision Software now allows for high-resolution image processing and fast image evaluation with the new MIPI sensor with 12 MPixel and 240 fps, from easy reading applications to complex recognition tasks, in color and grey scale. Therefore, even demanding applications can be solved with the new MIPI sensor based on the SONY IMX477.

The powerful command set of the EyeVision Software, with the Robot Vision extension, allows to use this combination also in robot vision applications. The excellent parallel processing of the EyeVision uses the full potential of the Raspberry Pi. Thanks to the Profinet Stack the integration of the software into a PLC is very easy.

You only have to connect the combination of MIPI camera and Raspberry Pi to the Ethernet interface and a fully functional, high-resolution image processing sensor is ready-to-use.

The EyeVision Software has a graphical user interface with an intuitively & self-explanatory handling. The user can therefore create an inspection program even without programming skills.

The user has the complete EyeVision command set available. Therefore, measurement technology applications as well as Code Reading, Pattern Matching, Color Inspection, Object Detection, etc. can be solved. Thanks to the Robot Vision extension, even the work with a robot is very easy to handle.

We are happy to support our customers with Webinars, online video-tutorials or free-of-charge trainings in Karlsruhe (Germany). You can also book an individual, custom-made training, so that all your personnel can learn the use of the EyeVision Software.

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