Fast Code Scan with EyeSens 5xxx Bar Code Reader

With the EyeSens 5xxx series the reading of bar codes is getting much faster with even different sensors.

With the new EyeSens 5xxx bar code the reading rate gets more than three times faster. At the same time the reading quality is better thanks to new and powerful sensors. The new bar code scanner can be embedded directly via Profinet or other protocols into the PLC or a SCADA environment.

The easy implementing with an abundance of illumination possibilities also allows to read difficult bar codes. Besides the reading speed also the overall throughput of the production increases and therefore the productivity also increases.

The integrated EyeVision software reads all common bar codes such as

  • EAN 13 & 8
  • Cod 39
  • 2/5 Interleaved
  • Code 128
  • UCP Version A & B

In addition the codes are read by the software in any position and rotation in the image. The software also reads QR and DMC codes. With a simple command extension the EyeSens 5xxx can read also DMC and QR codes as well as OCR/OCV. The quality of the code is of no importance. A DMC code can be read even when

  • the code is partly damaged, dirty, or indistinct
  • the code is on a reflexive surface
  • the code is needled, covex or concave

Furthermore also an inspection program change is possible with a code scan. According to the bar code of an object, the software recognizes the product, which is running in the production line and therefore switches to the appropriate inspection program.

Also the code can be used to sort the products and to create a data base, for example to guarantee a 100% re-traceability.

Also the recognition and verification of characters can be carried out with the EyeSens 5xxx. Only the OCR/OCV commands are necessary for that.

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