From 1 you get 3: flexible camera conzept for line scan, matrix and 3D cameras

Innovative, individual, custom-made: the smart OEM platforms of the EVT hardware development have something for everyone.

The felxible camera concept makes it possible to develop three different solutions out of one platform. Out of the CPU-Base-Board with FPGA and up to 1.6 GHz computing power, a line scan camera, a matrix camera and a 3D sensor can be built. For that different, flexible exchangeable sensors such as by Sony are used.

No matter if extremely fast line scan sensors or high-end matrix sensor, the base stays always the same. The DualCore ARM CPU offers with the available IP-Core a freely programmable FPGA and can be delivered either with 800 MHz or 1.6 GHz.

The base-board can be conntected additionally to a Connector-Board. This offers die connectors in M12 or RJ45, with clamps and status LEDs.

The smart 3D Integration Platform (S3i) also has a laser and lens-holder. The laser are available in red, blue and also green.

All platforms can be run completely without PC, as they are built as smart embedded system. This means the evaluation is carried out only on the camera.

The PC-less platforms are also available in combination with the EyeVision Software. Therefore many intefaces such as Modbus or Profinet for an easy integration into a PLC are also available. Also the EyeVision software offers TCP/IP and UDP communication and OPC UA for an integration into a SCADA system.

The EyeVision Software can be programmed in the graphical user interface with the drag-and-drop function. This allows users to create inspection programs even without programming skills.

Smart 3D Integration Platform
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