IR-based fever detection for virus infections

The current situation requires more and more innovative measures. To prepare public spaces and buildings for the convergence of people now and in the future, EVT offers thermal imaging cameras and corresponding EyeVision software to detect fever in people in time.

People Thermal Tracker (PTT)

With the People Thermal Tracker, it is possible to recognize fever in time. The face is detected and the temperature determined. The person who has been recognized with high temperature, is displayed in a color image on a display and their image can be sent to the mobile devices of the security personnel. Thanks to the immediate display of the detected person, the security personnel can separate this person from the group and get them to the medical staff.

Trigger Alarm

The integrated interfaces for the control of actuators are readily installed. This means that an alarm can be issued (either visual or acoustic). Also, the control of doors, which can close or open in a case of alarm, is possible. Thanks to the real-time evaluation, there is no delay between throughput and alarm.

Deep Learning for Face Recognition

The combination of face recognition based on Deep Learning and thermal imaging cameras is an ideal solution, even to detect the temperature on the forehead of a crowd of people. Separating is not necessary, as the position of the faces is recognized automatically. The system can not only be used at controlled areas such as airports and the like, but can also capture big crowds and squares. The face of each person is recognized and the temperature measured. At the same time the measured temperatures are issued and sot a check measurement for comparison can be carried out.

Camera Hardware

On the hardware end the system can be optimized for different applications. In case of an access control, a camera with a low resolution can be used. For systems that are overlooking whole squares a correspondingly higher resolution is necessary. The People Thermal Tracker needs only half a day to setup and is then immediately ready to use.

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