New Raspberry Pi 4 for image processing with MIPI- or standard-cameras

The new Raspberry Pi 4 has enough computing power for demanding image processing with MIPI or standard industrial cameras.

With the new Raspberry Pi 4 images can be captured with MIPI sensors as well as powerful USB 3.0 or GigE industrial cameras. With a main memory of 4 GByte and 128 GByte Flash Drive enough memory and computing power for demanding image processing application is available. The QuadCore ARM A72 core with 1.5 GHz allows easy and fast solutions of high-speed applications. And with the powerful SPS I/O interface in 24V technology, the Raspberry Pi 4 can communicate directly with the machine. The power supply can result from PoE or from the 24V machine control.

Equipped with the complete EyeVision Software, the system becomes a very powerful image evaluation system. Therefore code reading applications (OCR/OCV, bar code, QR, DMC) can be solved, as well as measurement technology applications for precise size accuracy inspection or even color inspections such as e.g. the inspection of car fuse colors, or cable wire colors, or for measuring turned parts or for bin-picking, for label inspection, bottle cap and cork inspection, etc.

The integrated Profinet interface allows to communicate directly with a S7, and therefore makes the machine integration easier.

The complete system can be integrated into a flat DIN rail housing. The credit card sized computing unit saved therefore even more space.

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