Optical Character Recognition and Bar Code Reading with 3D Sensor

Now the optical character recognition and bar coder reading is possible with the EyeVision 3D Software and the EyeScan AT 3D sensor.

The integrated tool “surface OCR” recognizes and extracts character stings from surfaces. For that it uses either the scan data of the 3D-height map or the 2D intensity data.

With the tool “surface bar code” the data, which are coded into 1D and 2D bar codes, can be read from the surface data (2D intensity or 3D height map), without using an additional 2D camera or special bar code reader.

The tool “surface bar code” is now available for every high-speed EyeScan AT 3D sensor (from 2 kHz up to 120 kHz) and also for the Standard EyeScan ST 3D sensor (up to 2 kHz), and the tool “surface OCR” is available additionally for each of these sensors.

Therefore based on EyeVision 3D an ideal solution for every application and price range is available.

The EyeVision software is intuitive and self-explanatory and with the drag-and-drop function very easy to handle, even without programming skills. Thanks to the modular system, the software is extendable and can be equipped with new commands with the plugin function.

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