ELSI EyeLight Smart Illumination

The ELSI EyeLight Smart Illumination Controller as Profinet compatible illumination controller for the EyeLight illumination sources, complete with 4 programmable constant current source.

ELSI EyeLight Controller with Profinet

The controller can be controlled completely via Profinet. Beside the integrated Profinet interface the controller can optionally also be controlled via Modbus, PC Link or TCP/IP and RS232/RS485.

Additionally the controller can be mounted on a DIN-rail and has 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs in 24 V Technologie available.

Technical Data

GigE Interfaces 2x GigE Profinet & LAN
USB Interfaces 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
Serial Interfaces 1x RS232 (nur TX und RX), 1x isolierter RS485
Digitale I/O 8 digital Inputs, 8 digital Outputs  Support 5V/12V/24V input
Watchdog Timer 1 to 256 Sekunden, Setup by Software
Display Port 1x HDMI
Illumination controller 4x LED driver with adjustable light intesity
Status LEDs 3x dual colored LEDs: Power, 2 user configurable
Supply voltage 20-30VDC, 24VDC empfohlen
Operating temperature -40°C bis +80°C
Setup Hutschienenmontagehalterung, vollmetall Gehäuse, lüfterlos
Dimensions and Weight 90 x 146 x 50 mm, 0.8 kg