EmSens OCR/OCV System

EmSens OCR/OCV Machine Vision System for Optical Character Recognition and Optical Character Verification, with a special EyeVision software.

Data Sheet

The system recognizes even characters that are difficult to read. The OCR command even detects dotted or nailed characters with the OCR-command.

The OCR command set offers powerful functions for the optical detection and inspection of characters. The module includes image preprocessing, segmenting, sorting and classifying of characters.

Applications for EmSens OCR:

  • expiration dates on groceries and pharmaceuticals
  • detection of any kind of print and even hand writing
  • label and print inspection
  • 3D charachters e.g. on car tires
  • print quality inspection

The Machine Vision System Hardware

The hardware consists of a GigE or USB camera of one of the camera makers, which are supported by the EyeVision software such as e.g. Basler, Allied Vision, Baumer, Teledyne Dalsa, usw.

As computing hardware are three options available:

  • Machine Vision Computer EmSys
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Odroid

The Software

In addition the handling of the system software is very easy and has many advantages:

  • graphical user interface
  • drag-and-drop-programming
  • creating inspection programs without necessary programming skills

The command set of the EmSens systems can be extended with all commands of the EyeVision, such as e.g.: