EyeSens 3D Height

Eye Sens 3D Height is used wherever heights are measured, e.g. in weld seam and adhesive bead inspection.


On the picture you can see: If the height is within tolerance, the overlay shows “good” in green. If the height is out of tolerance, the overlay shows “bad” in red. ProfileMatch has been activated and detects the reference pattern in the scanned profile.


The software:

EyeSens 3D Hight supports both options:

Process Mode with preconfigured 3D inspection tools or
graphical user interface with drag-and-drop programming and EyeVision 3D command set.

This makes EyeSens 3D Hight especially suitable for users who are not yet image processing professionals.

All EyeSens sensors can be extended optionally with further software modules. The EyeSens software on the sensor can easily be upgraded to a complete EyeCheck 3D (Link). Optionally there is even an upgrade to a complete PC system where the sensor becomes just a point cloud sensor and the evaluation is done on the PC (with x86 or ARM Linux). In this way, almost any 3D inspection imaginable is possible.


The hardware:

The compact EyeSens 3D sensors are available with different design options and image fields as well as working distances. Optional laser colors guarantee highest accuracy even with different surfaces. This makes them universally applicable – no matter what the object to be detected looks like: Our EyeSens 3D sensors always see everything! More information about the various possibilities of the sensor types can be found here:

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