EVT Wire Inspector

The EVT Wire Inspector can inspect cables and connectors for their correct contact assignment and can be either used for a hand-work place or for the automatic cable assembly directly online, where it is integrated in the machine.

The system is based on the EyeVision software and is easily adapted to your applications. The hardware includes the EmSys computing unit and an industrial camera of the supported makers such as e.g. Allied Vision Technologies, Basler, Baumer, Teledyne Dalsa, Flir, etc.

Brochure EVT Wire Inspector

Teach-in with only one button

With the “One-Button-Train”, the definition of the cable colors and their position can be trained with only one click. The position of the color has to be pre-configured, which can be carried out on a good part. On this good part all inspection windows learn automatically the color and generate a respective result protocol. The connector can be detected in any rotation and position.

Features Wire Inspector

1 – 6 Megapixel color cameras or smart camera head Interfaces: GigE, USB, RS232, RS485
easy integration into:

  • Tracker system
  • SPS
communication protocol for:

  • Profinet
  • OPC UA
  • Modbus
  • UDP & TCP/IP
Stand-alone system Headless system

 Manually and automatically

The 8 inputs and 8 outputs allow to directly control a signal lamp to indicate an error, for e.g. a handwork-place. The connected monitor shows at the same time, which cables are effected.

There are different interfaces available for fully automated systems for example, the direct Profinet connection to a PLC or I/O-based communication.

For any number of connectors

The system can be pre-configured for any number of connectors. Therefore different connectors or assembly variations can be either transferred via a master computer or a code reader is connected to the system, which switches the inspection programs according to the code.

Data storage and retraceability

The user has many options available, for example to save the data in an SQL data base or automatically compare the protocol of the respective connector with the master computer. The system is ideally prepared to also read codes on the connectors, to protocol them and send them directly to the connected master computer. A 100% retraceability can therefore be reached.

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