WeldSeam Vision®

The WSV (WeldSeam Vision®) is a weld seam inspection system for the inspection of laser and MIG/MAG-weld seams.

Brochure WeldSeam Vision

Field-of-View, Resolution and Accuracy

For MIG/MAG- and solder seams the WSV offers a field-of-view of 20 – 30 mm and for the laser weld seams a field-of-view of 10 – 15 mm.

The inspection system detects errors  with sizes  from 0,1 mm and with a resolution smaller than 1 µm depth, even the smallest errors can be detected.

The integrated EyeVision Software and Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The WSV is a “ready-to-use” equipped system and can be delivered for different weld seam sizes. The powerful EyeVision software for weld seam inspection detects all common errors and can be adapted to inspect new weld seams and fulfill new inspection tasks.

The easy-to-handle graphical interface can be used by beginners as well as PLC-programmers in only a few minutes.

Hardware advantage – Only one cable necessary

The sensor head is only connected via a single GigE cable and therefore it is easy to integrate into a robot. The system works with 24 V and in addition has RS232, RS485 and digital I/O.

Features WeldSeam Vision®

for sensor EyeScan ST 3D Interfaces: GigE, USB, RS232, RS485
easy integration into:

  • Tracker system
  • SPS
communication protocol for:

  • Profinet
  • OPC UA
  • Modbus
  • UDP & TCP/IP
Stand-alone system Headless system

Many different Interfaces

For an easy integration into plants the WSV has different interfaces such as Profinet, Modbus, etc. available. In addition, it supports OPC UA for the integration into a SCADA system, as well as UDP and TCP/IP communication.

EmSys Computer

On the EmSys computer further inspections can be carried out parallel to the label inspection, such as bar code, or OCR/OCV inspections. The EmSys has four Ethernet interfaces for cameras and communication. Also it has an USB 3.0 interface and four independable LED connectors, which are controlled by the software.

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