Quality inspection of heat-sealed joint with EyeVision Thermo

EyeVision Thermo can inspect the heat-sealed joint of lids and closures for the korrekt position such as e.g. yoghurt cups.

The lid inspection protects the products from being spilled during transport, going bad or becomes contaminated. Thermal heat-sealed joint control with EyeVision Thermo inspects the intactness of packaging formats such as lid films or foil packaging.

The thermal imaging software ensures, that there are no enclosed product remains, which would compromise the leak tightness and the freshness, below the sealed rim and therefore would cause the contamination of the product.

The method of choice is thermal imaging, because when heat-sealing the packaging the temperature can be measured and therefore enclosures, discontinuity or bad head-sealing can be detected. Because the temperature of a defective area is different from a correct heat-sealed joint.

Additionally, EyeVision can also solve other image processing applications. For example, to inspect the sealed rim for surplus product remains. Or else to inspect packaging for dents or damages.

EyeVision is suitable for verifying, if the product goes conform with all the label guide lines. Specific to individual compliance requirements of the manufacturer, the EyeVision software is capable of checking for the position and content of the label.

Therefore, it is easy to inspect if the correct label is on the packaging, if the food regulatory necessary information and identification exists and if bar code and expiration date are clearly visible and correct.

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