Smart 3D Integration Platform (S3i)

EVT offers for the fast integration into OEM machines the Smart 3D Integration Platform S3i. The 3D platform with the included laser, is suitable for laser triangulation applications. The evaluation is carried out completely autonomously on the included computing unit of the sensor. Therefore no PC is necessary. In the system a DualSpeed CPU board is included, which is available either with 800 MHz or 1.6 GHz computing power with Dual Core and open FPGA, which the user can program themselves with the included IP-Core.

The platform can be connected either directly to the connecting plug on the CPU board or on the conntector board, which has RJ45 connector, different clamps and status LEDs. Furthermore, besides the laser and the electronic, there is also the sensor head with corresponding flat-flex-cable included.

Also in the package are the software components such as Linux operating system, EyeVision Ready image processing software and the C++ API. The EyeVision Ready contains also ready-to-use applications such as e.g. Bend-Sensor, Glue-and-Seal-Sensor, Gap-Sensor, WeldSeam Sensor, etc. The applications as well as the evaluation run on the sensor, without a PC.

The graphical user interface offers the user the possibility to create inspection programs, even without programming skills. Especially the Processmode allows to configure the already integrated inspection programs with only one button.

Thanks to the integrated EyeVision software, the PC-free Smart 3D Integration Platform S3i has also a Profinet interface to easily connect the platform to a PLC. Further communication interfaces such as Modbus, TCP/IP, UDP, etc. are also available. Also an OPC UA communication with a SCADA system is possible.

Each EyeVision software can be extended any time with every existing command. Or the user can create their own commands with the EV Plugin-Module.

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